Monday, November 10, 2008

FAQ: The "Red Mom, Blue State" Movement

Welcome to the Red Mom, Blue State Movement! Here are answers to our 'Frequently Asked Questions':

What is a "Red Mom"?

We are Republicans, Independents, conservatives, moderates, even libertarians and non-partisans. We believe in limited government, personal responsibility, voting and living according to our values. We are Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Atheist, and everything in between. We work full-time, part-time, all the time, from home, from an office, from a military base. We may not agree on everything, but we share a common belief that a Democratic-party dominated government cannot adequately represent what we value, financially and ethically, domestically and internationally.

What is a "Blue State"?

Very simply put, a 'Blue State' was carried by Barack Obama in the 2008 election. It's an area where Democratic and liberal candidates and ideals dominate elections, media, and popular thought. For some of us, we're in a "blue city" or a "blue community" (college towns, union strongholds, etc). Red Moms in Blue States are often the 'fish out of water' in their local political communities. With increasing number of states turning blue, it's important that we have a non-geographical community to share ideas, resources, and support.

What are the goals of this group?

Your zip code shouldn't prevent you from making a difference in your government! Many of us have felt frustrated with our government but didn't have the resources or the encouragement to get involved. My goals for this group are:
- To provide "Red Moms" across America with community, encouragement and resources
- To provide first-time volunteers with ideas, support, and answers to their questions
- To provide 'matchmaking' between willing volunteers and political efforts needing support
- To increase the online presence for conservative women
- To increase voter and volunteer support for conservative-leaning candidates among moms and women

I'm in a "red state." Am I welcome here?

Of course! Those of us who are conservative 'islands' in a sea of blue frequently feel isolated and helpless and unable to make a difference. And even in a red state, you may feel that way at times too. We can't take any race, any seat, any district for granted, and we know that we in the blue states can learn from your successes. Our goal is to make sure that anyone who wants to make a difference has the training, resources, and motivation to do so.

What candidates are you endorsing?

Right now, this site is focused on organizing and building a network for future candidates, many of whom are yet to be named. In general, we will support Republican and conservative-leaning candidates. My hope is to develop a 'Core Team' representing a variety of backgrounds, home states, and interests who can help make those decisions. We'll also have an ongoing 'Discussion' on the site forum to suggest candidates and 'action items' where volunteers may be needed.

We are not a PAC, a 527 or an advocacy group - at this time, the long-term vision is to focus on Mom- and family-friendly volunteers and resources for them.

As a Republican in the minority, my vote never seems to make a difference, why should I care about local or state politics?

California and Hawaii - deep blue states - have elected Republican Governors. Seattle suburbs - among the most liberal in the nation - have just sent a Republican Congressman back to Washington DC. There are strong and deserving candidates all across America, we can help ensure they have support no matter where they choose to live and work.

Okay, now I care. But why should I get involved?

The world is run by those who show up. Not those with a fancy degree, or those with buckets of money or a sparkling personality (although all of these are welcome!). Each person only gets one vote. But we can influence the hundreds or thousands of people we know, in person and online, and even reach people we will never personally meet.

But it's awkward to get involved when everyone around me has different values!

In a perfect world, every local Congressman will 'represent' your values and priorities. In the real world, there are over 500 seats in the Senate and House, 50 Governors, hundreds of mayors and other elected offices. We all have limited time and resources, but we can make an impact on dozens if not hundreds of these races if we think bigger.

Getting involved online gives you anonymity when you want or need it, and it broadens your potential reach, people-wise and geographically.

But even if I WANT to get involved, I can't. I don't have cash to donate, I can't do phone calling or doorbelling. I'm not a techie. Help!!

Fear not! There are many creative ways to be involved. We'll have ideas to share and we welcome you to ask questions and share your ideas.

My head is spinning. How do I decide what to do first?

We'll provide Action Alerts regularly, so please consider "Following" this blog or subscribing to the ATOM feed (see the bottom of this message).

RIGHT NOW there are tight races still being fought in Georgia, where Senator Saxby Chambliss is defending his seat in a runoff election. Minnesota's very Democratic leadership is "recounting" repeatedly until they pull out a win for Al Franken, and gigantic buckets of money are being spent to take Norm Coleman's seat for a guy whose election would be less comedy than tragedy.

So please volunteer your time, write letters to the editors of Georgia papers, help coordinate volunteers from your area to fight for this seat. Also see what's happening in Minnesota to ensure that votes are counted ethically, without unfair DIS-advantage for Republicans.

In the long term, there are needs for all kinds of volunteers. What are you good at - are you a good writer, artist, networker, researcher, footsoldier, organizer, behind-the-scenes person, public speaker, tech expert? What are you passionate about: a certain issue, a certain group (youth, seniors, etc)? If you live in a 'navy blue' area, do you have ties to a 'red' or 'purple' state? We'll be providing 'matchmaking' between volunteers and opportunities as the site grows.

Email me at redmombluestate at yahoo dot com to receive continued updates, and don't forget to subscribe to our updates! Watch for rollout of a deluxe Red Mom, Blue State site next month.

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